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Covid -19 information

I care about you!


Anna's Hotel is a small hotel with only 11 rooms and for a maximum of 20 guests, so it will not be crowded, nevertheless I take the spread of this virus most seriously and do my best to make you, as my guest, feel as safe as possible during your stay.


What do I do:

For the safety of everyone, I no longer shake your hand when I greet you, but I still smile when you arrive J

At the reception and in the dining room you’ll find hand sanitizers that you may use.

I clean all the time, nowadays with a disinfectant that kills virus and bacteria on all surfaces and materials.

Everything you touch I have wiped e.g. handles, switches, remote controls, keys, payment terminal etc.

I guarantee a very high quality of cleanliness throughout the hotel.
If you stay more than 1 night, you have to choice to get the room cleaned or not, I respect if you want me to keep my distance.
Just hang out the sign on the door if you want me to clean the room.
The room is, of course, completely disinfected between each guest.


The breakfast is now served directly at your table. What you perhaps want as supplements you will find on the breakfast buffet but
everything is individually packaged for your safety.
Feel free to start your buffet visit by using the selection of hand sanitizers.
Only approach the buffet when no other guests are there, 1 at the time.

At Anna’s Hotell, we always respect each other and help each other to keep our distance.


What will you do:

You are obviously healthy when you visit the hotel.

You keep physical distance from other guests, but of course feel free to engage in conversations as we did in the old normal J.

Sneeze in your arm fold or in a paper napkin, not in your hands.

Wash your hands often.


Anna’s Hotell also follows the Public Health Authority's recommendations regarding the management of the risk of spread of infection.

 I hope that through these actions I will make you feel confident and that you will feel calm and safe before your visit my hotel.





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