About Anna

Anna has lived and breathed hotels and restaurants for most of her life. Growing up in her father’s restaurant she got off to an early start and when, at the age of 18, she got a job at the famous Grand Hotel in Lund, her career in the hotel industry had been chosen.
Anna´s career has ranged from Maître d’hôtel, restaurateur and sommelier to her latest position as controller for one of southern Sweden’s largest hotel and conference facilities.
From her experiences of travelling both within Sweden and abroad, she was often surprised at how often high quality and personal service was lacking.
This was particularly poignant since as far as Anna was concerned, providing a good level of service was second nature to her.
After a number of years searching for the perfect property she struck lucky at the estate of Fröknagården in Kristianstad. Now her dream of building and running her own hotel has been realized!
In December 2013 Anna was appointed the Local Professional Female of the year by Business and Professional Women (BPW)



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